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Hello! I'm right now on some really odd anti-nausea stuff. Take off was weird as all get out, so I'm a bit rambly. Sorry about it, but I'm trying to not be or something. I have no time to write short, so I write long?

I ran into one of your friends, Feuilly, which you probably heard about. Jehan? He was shaken, and we ended up hiding in the catacombs, ad had a goodtalk about trauma. Dr. Combeferre would be proud, I think, that I tried.

Plan is to head to one of the Victoria colonies. Moore knows someone who knows someone, and there's at least the shared language of English around there. This should be a safe connection, so I can talk about nothing important and not worry about saying something important.

There's . . . uh - some strange things going on. I don't know if you want to hear about that, or talk about nothing. I heard E. is in the hospital? And arrested? I hope he's all right. I passed my house key to Jehan, to pass your way, for winter. The rent is paid, and there is heat, and James swore he'd handle some of the door repairs.

Call it thanks for late night talks? And I will be home.

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Date: 2016-12-20 05:24 am (UTC)
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Things have been a little bit...wild is one way to put it. Glad to hear all of YOU are okay. There was a lot of...the numbers we expected on our side didn't quite turn out so we had a huge bit of a mess. Not sure what you've heard about us all dashing around, but that had to happen after the Enj drama. He's definitely arrested but being uh, taken care of, non euphemistically and he should be uh out of medical soon.

Jehan's pretty good, generally. Bit shy and prone to being overwhelmed, but, poets. It's a stereotype but it's one that holds quite true for him, generally speaking. And we can talk about just about anything. I'm glad to hear it wasn't totally weird for you down in the tunnels anyway.

And that's...that's awesome of you, actually. Thank you. A place to lay low is a good idea right now. Are YOU safe enough?

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Date: 2016-12-20 05:44 am (UTC)
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Ugh that does NOT sound like it'd be fun for you, no. Were they able to do anything for that? Combeferre might have some ideas other than the usual ones, but mint is supposed to help, I know. Or something like that. And huh. that makes weird sense. It should all be logged. I don't know enough to get the cred to get in there, but I know someone who CAN. Actually, you know him too.

It IS good to hear you're safe. And oh that sounds fairly nice. There was a bit of a rebellion in a colony in one of their close neighbors and imperialist holdouts a couple years back, out in the hills near the mining settlements. It didn't come to much, but sometimes it's the symbol, you know?

And ugh the blackmail. That sounds...well very bad, to be frank about it. Is she badly hurt then?

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Date: 2016-12-20 06:11 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] polishfan
Ouch. That sounds pretty bad. Do a lot of meds do this to you? Sorry, that's a little personal, I just wondered. Some of my friends get a little...special on certain things. Depending on who it is and all. Like, pain med Enjolras is particularly...

Well. It's an experience that most of them think is funny, but it was a little scary to watch. And Bahorel and cough syrups are kind of a no-no. It's all a bit strange. Not feeling AS awful is good. I just wish I had more ideas. I could distract you, maybe.

They're...well. They have power to seize property and break up unions. They executed the man they said was responsible for all of that. He was quite possibly innocent too. That sort of thing. Not bad for tourists if you're careful, so I hear. And the cities are nice enough. Places of great industry and learning and such.

Oh geez. And that all turned out great as it is, didn't it? With Lorena I mean. ...That was rhetorical, before you actually answer it and start worrying. I don't mean to do THAT. And really now?

That sounds...Probably Ferre would do that if he had to. I mean he's a bit freaked out without his glasses, but he pretends.

I'm not so bad. A little worried about all this, but hanging in.


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