Dec. 19th, 2016

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Hello! I'm right now on some really odd anti-nausea stuff. Take off was weird as all get out, so I'm a bit rambly. Sorry about it, but I'm trying to not be or something. I have no time to write short, so I write long?

I ran into one of your friends, Feuilly, which you probably heard about. Jehan? He was shaken, and we ended up hiding in the catacombs, ad had a goodtalk about trauma. Dr. Combeferre would be proud, I think, that I tried.

Plan is to head to one of the Victoria colonies. Moore knows someone who knows someone, and there's at least the shared language of English around there. This should be a safe connection, so I can talk about nothing important and not worry about saying something important.

There's . . . uh - some strange things going on. I don't know if you want to hear about that, or talk about nothing. I heard E. is in the hospital? And arrested? I hope he's all right. I passed my house key to Jehan, to pass your way, for winter. The rent is paid, and there is heat, and James swore he'd handle some of the door repairs.

Call it thanks for late night talks? And I will be home.


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