May. 19th, 2016

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Mervin got in before you, Yvette. I feel so weird in a place with a monarchy to use princess on you. Or queen. Might have people get confused as to which lady I mean.

And well, your domain would be under the Card rules, no? Very different.

Mervin says we'll meet up at this cafe down the road, since you've got some stuff you said you want to talk about and you want to kind of nudge the phone over at me about junk without it being so quiet in the house.

He kind of shoved some very sweet tea at me. I think I need to work on the . . . eating thing more. Or talk to the doctors here again. I just hate to waste their time.

On the white noise side of things - nature sounds did not work, very quiet static was fine until the radio station started back up, TV on low was good until they started talking about the labor protests and I woke up a five to gunfire on the TV. Still - I'm trying.


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