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[personal profile] citizenmoore: That inspector e-mailed me again. I ... don't think I'm up to talking to him today.

Am up for company, if anyone else wants to visit? I have a stack of Lorenan novels that I've read too many times and can happily share and a stack of new ones that I haven't read. Coffee, a loaf of bread and thee?

Sorry, chalk it up to feeling a little bouncy?

Date: 2016-05-16 04:04 am (UTC)
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Joly approached the address in question with the information Combeferre had given him. He was the first out of his shift and it made sense to make his way over now, even if he didn't quite know the man in question. Better to check on him before Combeferre got out in case he needed anything, right?

Anyway, he was knocking happily enough, even given the seriousness of the moment here.

"Ah, hello." He said brightly, when the door opened to let him in. "I'm a friend of Combeferre' the medical school. If you don't mind me coming by to visit."

Date: 2016-05-16 04:51 am (UTC)
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"That would be me." Joly grins at the response. "Good, he HAS mentioned me. And not so terrible. It's soon to be allergy season but until then, taking advantage of all the nice days that I can seems like the best idea possible. And using them to meet new people, even better." As for Combeferre's bedside manner, he does have to laugh.

"I think I get the reputation because I've never yelled at Courfeyrac for some of the crazy things he does. So, first off I'm to get a baseline look at how you are. How ARE you doing, so that's established?"

Date: 2016-05-16 05:27 am (UTC)
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"Good rememdies." Joly sounds QUITE approving there, nodding right away. "I'd definitely say avoid those as you can. And don't discount the mental things. Trust me, those can be..." He's pausing, trying to think of a way to put it that makes more sense. "I've had police into the clinic, you know," Because being a policeman in Paris is pretty terrible as far as money and work detail GO most of the time.

"No specific names, but the job does get to them, even if they've not been hurt in anything serious. Or it can come on all at once, years later, from denying smaller things. There's not only no shame in reacting to...acknowledging that what's happened to you is bad, but it can help too, if you know to avoid some things in future. Combeferre and I work well together because we know what sort of patients are likely to be more upsetting, based on the past. If one or the other of us is available, it's easy enough to swap over...and if not, there are some techniques to help relax you too. There's nothing wrong with you, but if you are feeling at all unwell...that can be dealt with, made a bit better,you know?"

Date: 2016-05-16 06:08 am (UTC)
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"That sounds horrific." Joly says, quite honestly, terrified at the idea. "I can only imagine what you've been through...forgive me if that's something you aren't ready to speak of. It CAN help but when people are ready to do that. Otherwise..." He shakes his head. "I'm not sure but I know I don't want to make it worse for you. If they gave you anything with a long enough half life it may still be there. I could check, but that'd require getting some blood so it may be better to wait for the list."

As far as being tired and hungry, Joly's nodding at what the nurse said. "I wouldn't fight hunger OR sleep. I think it's only natural your body needs to regain...just about all of that. When Enjolras got home, and he wasn't there for long, he slept for a good fifteen or sixteen hours the first few days. The stress does that to you. And being jumpy. Is there anything that quiets your mind at all? Some people knit or draw or...things like that."

More physical things too, but Joly is in no way going to suggest anything like that yet. "Shadows? I can imagine that would be a reminder of some kind, especially if you didn't remember right away what you were seeing. But I may be able to help find ways to ground you back in the moment too."

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"Tired, for the most part." Joly doesn't see the need to go into more detail than that, since the other minor problems were mostly caused by Enjolras having been kind of stubborn about the whole thing to begin with. "He had a little bit of a fever the first day or so but nothing that wasn't fixable." Emotionally...Joly isn't sure.

"He's mostly angry. On your behalf, Lorena's in general. Maybe when you feel better, it would help both of you to talk, though I wouldn't rush or anything. And okay, contact and grounding...Hmm...Blankets are a good idea. Heated ones possibly, or weighted down if those are good too. And I think light could be manipulated a bit, to cut down on those."

Date: 2016-05-16 11:02 pm (UTC)
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"Not especially." Joly assures. "And they're definitely helpful in different circumstances along the way. And yeah, there are a lot of unnerving things that turn out that way in the end. I think having the ability to move through them can help a lot, especially if you work up from them. To borrow one of my own relevant metaphors, they don't start us as doctors by throwing us into the hospital to remove appendixes or anything like that. It's a much more gradual process. Working up to things that bother you does not need to happen all at once... And I think that sounds like a good idea."

And he's about getting started, at least so far as getting his tools out when there's a beep on his phone, which he glances at. "Courfeyrac's on his way. And thankfully, he doesn't have a sword with him today. I hope. Do you mind if he comes to say hello after I finish with this? I know he's been wanting to meet you." And knowing him, he probably stopped along the way for pastry. It seems to be what Courfeyrac DOES when he goes visiting.

Date: 2016-05-17 12:28 am (UTC)
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"I think he's probably interested." Joly smiles. "And he's likely dragged along something to go with it too. That's a thing Courfeyrac does. It's as if he can't stop himself from bringing things over. Sweet, really." And if he hears about anything like allergies? He'll probably remember those. "It's funny for how much he leaps without looking, he can be probably the most thoughtful one of us."

And Joly's washing his hands again, pulling on some gloves and continuing to get things ready. "That COULD be a bit of nerve damage, I suppose. Worth keeping an eye on, certainly. How bad did it get would you say, and how bad now? I can probably find something to help if it's keeping you awake or jerking or..." He does laugh at that.

"And here I thought it was awkwardly amusing when it was my grandmother pulling those out. I can't imagine an almost stranger."

Date: 2016-05-17 05:20 am (UTC)
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"I can understand that." Joly nods slowly. "Time seeming unreal, that sort of thing?" It's nothing he's personally had to relate to yet, in that degree, at least, but he does know what things are like when he manages to get pulled out of some of his worse moments of panic. Thankfully those are pretty rare these days, and he's learned to manage them a bit better.

"Or like you're sort of moving in a fog?" That one is common too. And people have brought it up. "I think that's only natural. And you know, come to that, our records aren't complete enough for me to be in touch with most people, unless they choose to. But that isn't a bad idea come to that, having other people to talk to about this. It's worth letting people know that someone is willing and understands, I think."

And he's carefully finishing the prep for the bloodwork, using Damien's other arm. "Is this an okay place to draw from?"


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