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[Filtered to the internet via a couple of newsgroups from a Lorena IP.]

Indistinct creaking noise.

Damian: You're someone new. I don't remember your hair color.

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"Yeah I'm new." Shaun agrees, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. When they'd told him they'd brought in a guy for questioning, someone who knew too much, he'd hoped, in a way, that it was the culmination of the bizarre series of messages from several different addresses that seemed to hint at something bigger than he'd thought possible.

It had probably been too much to hope for, but still, STILL, he'd wanted this prisoner to be Desmond. He had wanted that so badly, for the messages pointing out that nothing was true to have led to something. Now, he's left dealing with a obviously drugged up guy who he has to question. While being a templar knight. What fun.

He's managing to keep most of that to himself though, aside sounding a little annoyed.

"I'm told you know something about the Green Lady. There's a few ways we can have this conversation. Please let me do the easy one."

Date: 2016-05-14 08:44 am (UTC)
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Definitely not the scar he's seen on Desmond. Or on Ezio and Altair in their younger years, so it's not likely another one of those hanging around. In a way, though, at least it isn't Clay. God knows, Shaun doesn't want to have to face THAT can of worms, even though he had NO part in it really. Still, the ones you couldn't extract before they decide to just go ahead and get while the going's good hurt.

And, he probably shouldn't dwell on any of that right now, should he? Shaun's frowning at those red spots, noting the blood. He can look like he's playing nice guard if he offers the man something fresh to wear. IF, he supposes, the answers come to him. Of course, the guy not focusing, and rambling, does NOT help.

"Not that kind of a doctor." Shaun answers, "The sort who is here to talk to you about things that you know though, yes that WOULD be me. And for what it's worth I WAS born there. But no, the Green Lady lurks in other places so I'm told. And I am told you know more than you say. "

Date: 2016-05-14 08:33 pm (UTC)
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A coming of age thing. Okay. Some sort of ritual then. No wonder it's the templars interested in this, Shaun decides, pushing his glasses up with a gesture, then studying Damian for a long moment before he starts speaking again. He's trying for the nice guy approach here, if he can, if only because it'll get him more likely information.

"Some of us." he says evenly, because that's true, there ARE assassins who've done it. Shaun personally? Nope, but that doesn't really matter now. "But I never had the dubious pleasure. Whats it like, this version of the ritual?"

Date: 2016-05-14 09:43 pm (UTC)
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The gas mask. Shaun's raising an eyebrow but nodding, cooly enough, like he's simply gathering information, not reacting yet. Really, there's not much call FOR reacting until he's heard all of it. Evvie, let's see here...

"that would be Ms. Moore, then?" It's rehally only half a question. Word is that they are close. "You aren't protecting anyone by hiding information, let me add." He tacks on there, frowning. "Glowing access tunnels." Is there an actual Green Lady of some sort down there? representations of her maybe? He can think of a few potential ladies of interest so far, if they're represented down there, for whatever reasons.

"Seeing 'stuff' and meaning things. You're going to need to be a lot more specific..."

Date: 2016-05-14 10:22 pm (UTC)
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"Bodhisattva." Shaun repeats the name, and what Damian is saying makes even more sense. "And different routes. When one becomes a Budha, they're meant to go through...ten grounds? Five paths?" He isn't as up on this as he ought to be. The place to learn of that would be in India if he was looking for an assassin perspective, likely.

The Mirs had quite the legacy amongst the assassins there, and one of Victoria's best spymasters and agents used to BE a Mir, but he's a little short on the particulars. "Bodhimaṇḍa...that's the place a Budha's early deeds were done..." the knowledge is coming up more than anything else, though Shaun's not sure what to do with it. "Holy grounds for a pilgrimage of sorts..." So far that sounds like what they've been doing as Damien describes it.

And then he's blinking hard. "Wait. The statue moves and glows. That's new. What happens if she catches up to you?"
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Date: 2016-05-14 11:49 pm (UTC)
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"Tara...always reborn..." Shaun's eyes widen a little, because THERE are implications. A sage. A sage who could well have been reborn here, and if not, then, well, shes still likely got her following. And where THOSE come into play...

He's nodding rather sharply, suddenly seeing WHY the templars would want to get involved here. And why, potentially, they've stayed away before this point. If they want not to annoy her....Well. Damn. THIS is why they wanted one of those.

Date: 2016-05-15 12:18 am (UTC)
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They wanted just about anything Shaun could get, actually. For him to ferret more things out that might or might not be helpful. At the moment, his brain is also heading in other directions. If not a sage, well, who else does he know who LOVES to pop into people's lives and mess around with them?

Sure, nothing with the order has been overtly GENDERED for a while as far as Shaun can TELL. Unless there's something he's missing here. He hasn't exactly paid attention to things like numbers or anything else while he's been here besides thinking about how many they have (not a lot). It's probably worth consideration too. It wouldn't be the first time a precursor's pretended at godhood and stealing names doesn't seem that far off the track of what Juno's likely to DO here.

Shaun's making an effort to keep his own face impassive as he considers all of this, a little bit of a frown crossing it as he glances at Damian. "They're probably going to start whinging that I didn't have more." he adds, "And then I'll have to come back in here playing bad cop so... any chance there's something ELSE connected to green ladies that you want to share?" His mind turns to possibilities that aren't as obvious or divine.

"Handles on the old social networks, contacts for businesses? little secrets written on the lav walls? While we're here I might as well go about it." He's also close to suspected if anything does come up, so...

Date: 2016-05-15 01:20 am (UTC)
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So, really, the thing to do is get in and have a look around themselves. Shaun's considering who it might be best to risk getting the information out to. Bishop, probably, though there's no way she could drop things in Vancouver or wherever the hell she is right now, herself. Galina...maybe. Galina might be able to uncover more of what Abstergo's doing too, it's not like he reads Russian very well. She's incredibly high profile though.

...If what he suspects is Desmond tries again, there're options there for finding out what's really going on. He's officially, and to the templars, dead, and they've even already got what they wanted out of him, so... hmm. His eyes are darting behind his glasses as he processes the information there, before nodding, slowly at Damian.

"In the interest of being not that bad, I probably ought to work out what you can be bribed with. Anything to build up the Stockholm Syndrome." Which is half a warning actually. Don't tell Shaun, or any of them, things you can't exactly live without. "So, what would make it EASIER for you when other questions come up?" Not great, but easier. That's a thing, right?


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